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tv   House Oversight Committee Leaders Say General Flynn Failed to Disclose...  CSPAN  April 25, 2017 1:23pm-1:39pm EDT

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willing to fix this problem but it is a change we need to get ahead of. we have waited so long already that it requires real political leadership. host: the committee for the responsible federal budget students prepare for the advanced placement u.s. overnment and politics exam. teachers from hadley e. stevensson high school will take your calls and review sample questions on what you may find out on this year's exams. >> relax. calm down. there will be questions on the multiple choice you don't know. don't there will be questions you miss. >> we all do. do your best. and if you don't know the
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answer, make it a good guess. don't make it blank. keep writing. remember, think less, ink more. >> if you blank on something like i blangde on blanket primaries, go back to what you do know. use those context clues. you studied hard. you worked hard on the exams. your teachers have really prepped you well so use those context clues. take a deep breath and problem solve. >> the annual "cram for the exam" is always fun and informative. join us sunday, april 30, at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> and in the u.s. house today, legislative work gets under way at 2:00 eastern time and later this afternoon work on eight bills under suspension of the rules, including a measure on the famine in south sudan and a pair of bills dealing with the use of capitol grounds for special events. more live house coverage when members gavel in. earlier today the leaders of the house oversight committee,
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jason chaffetz and elijah cummings, talked to reporters about their investigation into russia in the 2016 elections. chairman chaffetz said he sees no evidence that michael flynn, the former national security advisor to president trump, complied with the law when he received money from meeting with russian organizations in 2015. his is 10 minutes. mr. chaffetz: thank you for being here. this is an obligation to seek and obtain permission to receive money from foreign governments prior to any engagement with them. it does not appear to us that that was ever sought nor did he ever get that permission. we will jointly be doing a letter for a final
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determination on that. that will need to come from the department of army as well as the inspector general at the department of defense. and if that money was received by general flynn, and we believe that it was, that money needs to be recovered. that final determination, again, will have to come from the department of the army as well as the department of defense, but as a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from russia, turkey or anybody else. and it appears as if he did take that money. there are repercussions for the violation of law. mr. cummings: good morning, and i'd just like to read a very short statement. i want to be very careful because we are coming out of a classified briefing. first, we have just come from this briefing with the department intelligence agency. they brought in documents for
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us to review relating to general flynn. as you know, general flynn previously led the a.i. and served as national security advisor until he was fired by president trump. right now we cannot discuss the contents of the documents that we just saw because they are indeed classified. but we can say this. they are extremely troubling. we have concerns, and i believe these documents should be classified to the fullest extent possible without compromising sources and methods. i want to thank chairman chaffetz who joined our request for these documents, and i believe that he feels the same, that the american people should be able to see these documents for themselves. second, we've been trying for several months to obtain general flynn's security clearance information to the
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chairman whether he received payments he received for his trip to russia in 2015 when he dined with the russian president. we've now obtained general flynn's application to renew his security clearance in january, 2016. sf-86. m is called an general flynn filed his fx-86 about a month after he traveled to moscow. however, there is no evidence, as the chairman said, anywhere in these documents that reported the funds he received for this trip. there's also no evidence that he sought permission to obtain these funds from a foreign source. this is a major problem. as the fx-86 claims, all questions on this form must be answered completely and
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truthfully. it also says this -- and let me quote directly -- the united states criminal code title 18 section 1001 provides that knowingly falsifying or concealing a material fact is a felony, which may result in fines up to five years imprisonment. basically, in these documents, i believe the oversight committee should be holding a hearing for chairman flynn. i understand the chairman, and we talked briefly about this, and it seems this is perhaps the purview of the intelligence committee, and i understand that, mr. chairman. but we need to have the opportunity to ask general flynn directly why he concealed these foreign payments from the defense department. finally, let me say this. as part of our investigation, chairman chaffetz and i sent a
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bipartisan request to mr. priebus, the white house chief of staff, requesting a wide range of documents, including any, and i quote, referring or relating to lieutenant general flynn's contacts with foreign nationals. despite all of these very troubling documents, last wednesday on april 19, we received a response from the white house refusing to provide any of the documents we requested. so we received no internal documents relating to what general flynn reported to the white house when they vetted him to become national security advisor. and we received no documents relating to his termination of national security advisor for concealing his discussion with the russian ambassador. in short, the white house has refused to provide this committee with a single piece
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of paper in response to our bipartisan requests, and that's simply unacceptable. and so today i'm releasing the white house letter to you, and i hope our committee will impress upon them the need for them to provide the documents that we are seeking. thank you very much. reporter: congressman, from what you have seen so far, do you believe that michael flynn broke the law by not disclosing his payments or not getting permission, getting these foreign payments? mr. chaffetz: personally i have no data to support the notion that general flynn complied with the law and that is he was supposed to seek permission and receive permission from both the secretary of state and the secretary of the army priring to travel to russia to not only accept that payment but to engage in that activity. i see no evidence that he actually did that. reporter: do you think, congressman, this could be
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punishable? mr. cummings: yeah, i think it can. i think it -- that's why i cited the code. but that's going to be left up to others to decide. we wanted to know what his exposure is. i agree with the chairman. he was supposed to get permission and he was supposed to report and he didn't, period. there's no evidence of it. mr. chaffetz: we're not here to make the final determination. what we're going to do jointly is send the letter to the department of the army, the comptroller, specifically, as well as the inspector general there at the department of defense. at some point they need to make that final determination. one of the remedies is to recover the money that was paid . above and beyond that i don't know. eporter: is there any evidence [inaudible] general flynn's contacts went beyond russia? mr. chaffetz: it's really not something we specifically looked at today.
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reporter: mr. chairman, do you think the white house is obstructing in this thing, not responding? mr. chaffetz: no. this is something that general flynn before he ever joined the trump administration, this is something general flynn was supposed to do as a former officer. i don't know. in fact, i'm fairly curious how widespread this is. no former military officer is allowed to accept payments from a foreign government. and my guess is that's probably not the first time this has happened and it does concern me. reporter: same question to you, mr. cummings? mr. cummings: what was the question? as i said at the end of my statement, we haven't gotten certain information that we've asked for. i can't -- i wouldn't call it obstruction. these things happen. and as far as those documents are concerned, hopefully we'll get them. by the way, emoluments, it's interesting. a lot of people are totally
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unfamiliar about the emoluments clause of the constitution but it's something i talked about a long time ago and said we should be able to avoid some of the problems that we've had. it wouldn't have been avoidable here because it was done long before president trump came into office but that is a cause that is very significant. it does not only imply to people like general flynn but, of course, to the president and his folks too. reporter: mr. chairman, can you clarify -- the scope of documents that were reviewed? mr. chaffetz: no, i can't -- no, no, i can't get into those. mr. cummings: you know better than that. mr. chaffetz: a lot of it was a verbal briefing too. reporter: are you ruling out calling general flynn? are you referring to the intelligence committee? mr. chaffetz: the lead investigative body is the select committee on intelligence. we have been pursuing this portion of it, the payments that happened prior to the inauguration of president trump , but the lead on this general
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investigation is the select committee on intelligence and i'll support what the select committee needs. we can play a role in certain parts but it's more of a supportive role than anything else. [inaudible] mr. chaffetz: i highly doubt it. i highly doubt it. reporter: will you issue a subpoena? mr. chaffetz: we haven't had to issue a subpoena so far. they've been cooperative at the department of defense and the state department and the white house. but in this particular case, the law requires him to seek permission from the secretary of state and from the department of defense and those are the entities of which we have been seeking information and have received information. the response we're getting there is no information and that's -- that we believe is the potential violation. mr. cummings: thank you all very much. mr. chaffetz: thanks. hanks very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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caption content and accuracy. visit] >> in case you missed it on c-span, karen harper royal at georgetown university's slave sale dedication. >> naming these buildings for isaac hawkins and ann marie craft is our journey from healing from the jesuits of georgetown's history of slavery. > congressman cartwright holding a hearing. >> it used to be no way no how on anything like the a.c.a., but now it's -- let's make it work. >> the competitive enterprise institute's marlo lewis on science and public policy. >> to the extent it's possible, scientific research should similarly be separated from government. then, you would not find climate science in particular eing a faction-ridden, orthodoxy enforcing, you know, political movement. but rather the quest for
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knowledge. >> treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >> the objectives are simplified personal taxes, create middle-income tax cuts to spur the economy and make our business taxes competitive. >> former ambassador to afghanistan, ryan crocker. >> clearly we got to work with e afghans to first stabilize the situation against a taliban onslaught. and then move ahead with a political process that's going to have to include pakistan. >> attorney general jeff sessions on transnational crime organizations. >> if you are a gang member, we will find you. we will devastate your networks. we will starve your revenue sources, deplete your ranks and seize your profits. we will not concede a single block or a street corner to your vicious tactics. >> c-span programs are available at, on our homepage and by searching the
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video library. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your able or splite provider. >> the u.s. house will be gaveling in for legislative business in about 20 minutes. first, though, a look at the increase in immigration a-- arrests. this is from today's "washington journal." with the american immigration lawyers association serves as government relations director. good morning. we are talking about immigration arrests. could you tell us how this administration is doing compared to the last one?


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